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Acne Scar Removal

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ACne Scar Removal

Apart from scarring the skin, acne also scars a person’s self-confidence and mind. However, do not lose hope, the best part about this much dreaded skin condition is that with exact examinations and medical counsel, it is totally curable. Acne scars are essentially caused due to clogging of pores due to dead skin, bacteria or abundance oil.

Acne scars are the visible reminders of injury and tissue repair. Acne scars are generally the result of inflamed spots caused by skin pores engorged with abundance oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. The pore swells, bringing about a breaking the follicle wall. Shallow injuries are usually minor and mend quickly. But if there is a profound break in the wall of the pore, infected material can spill out into encompassing tissue, producing deeper lesions. The skin tries to repair these lesions by forming new collagen fibers. These repairs usually aren’t as smooth and flawless as the original skin. 

Luckily, the options for acne scar management have improved dramatically over the past few years with the advent of new laser technology. Currently many treatments are available to improve the appearance of acne scars . While a complete cure is not possible, most of our patients can appreciate significant improvement with these treatments .


There can be innumerable factors which exacerbate acne, some of them are as follows: 

  • Emotional problems or stress. 
  • Using wrong cosmetics.
  • Use of occlusive oils or gels for hair and face.
  • Consumption of food high in glycemic index.
  • Drugs such as steroids, androgens etc.
  • Body building proteins.


Acne treatment is varied and highly specific, according to the reasons for its occurence and on the basis of the severity and grade of acne. The aim of management of acne is to decrease the number of new lesions as well as to treat the pre-existent ones. Various treatment modalities available are:

  • Topical modalities like benzoyl peroxide, retinoids etc.
  • Oral medications like antibiotics, another medication etc.

Apart from this, maintaining a good skin care routine, a well balanced diet, exercise and adequate rest helps improve your skin.


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