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Dark Circles

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Dark Circles

In a world that never sleeps, dark circles are a persistent issue. They often give a very tired and fatigued appearance and can subject you to various comments and concerns. Dark circles are troublesome and may occur due to a number of causes, which can be as diverse as heredity to eczema to fatigue. They usually run in families or can be a part of ageing which can make the blood vessels more visible through thinning skin also hollow contours because of loss of undereye fat pads can create shadows. Even though Dark Cirles are not harmful, they are not desired in terms of appearance.


Dr. Atul Jain provides a variety of Urticaria at Skinaa Clinic, Jaipur but not all treatments are recommended for everyone.


PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) has been in use for innumerable for treating muscle and ligament injuries, skin lesions as well as pain problems in orthopaedics and sports medicine.

Collagen is what gives skin a firm, youthful appearance. As we grow old, less collagen is produced, causing sagging, wrinkles and soft tissue depressions in the skin.



Under-eye dermal fillers such as Belotero Balance, Restylane Silk and Juvederm Ultra are great choices to treat the tear trough or orbital hollowing. For thin- and light-skinned patients, I’ll typically choose Belotero due to its unique manufacturing technique and inability to cause tindle effect.


Chemical Peels

A chemical peel can be beneficial not only for your facial skin but to also improve the appearance of the skin on your hands and neck. Dr. Atul Jain provides you an advanced chemical peel treatment to do away with skin pigmentation once and for all. You’ll be amazed to see how fresh and enhanced your skin colour & texture will be.



Now a days, there is a wide spectrum for laser technologies available. These technologies are available for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation. Now there are so many skin conditions in which we can use skin laser treatment such as vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, tattoos, facial wrinkles, scars and sun damaged skin etc.

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