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Erbium Fibre Laser

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Erbium Fibre Laser

For superficial to medium depth scars we use Fractional erbium fibre laser. This laser employs the “only one pass” formula. It is effective, saves your time and protects your skin. ResurFX uses a 1565 nm fiber laser and a very advanced scanner – say good bye to your scars! This treatment is one of the most stable scar removal techniques which have less danger and pain. 

Erbium Fibre Laser And How it Works

This Fractional erbium fibre laser is the latest in non-ablative, fractional laser technology.  Non-ablative means it does not damage or ablate the skin cells, while fractional means it is only affecting a fraction or percentage of the skin.  The advantage of this technology is that it is able to give great results with minimal recovery time unlike the CO2 laser, which has few or more days of peeling, crusting and possible swelling after the procedure. 

The non-ablative fractional Erbium fibre laser uses a wavelength that does not cause the water in the tissue to evaporate (ablate) but rather the laser energy warms the tissue in a controlled manner.  The rise in temperature encourages neocollagenesis, a process in which new collagen is created by the body. Collagen is a fibrous protein which gives the skin its elasticity and suppleness. By producing new collagen the skin regains it youthful appearance. 


Features Of Erbium Fibre Laser

The advanced technology offers deeper dermal laser penetration and is delivered by laser pulses in fractional patterns. The laser vaporizes small columns of tissue on the skin’s surface, encouraging the body’s natural skin cell and collagen regenerative responses. Because of its miniscule size, the laser does not damage surrounding healthy tissue, allowing for rapid healing to only the targeted area.is a popular procedure used to diminish the scars caused by acne as well as for the tightening of the skin. 

Fast Treatment Time

No topical numbing is required and treatments can take 20-60 minutes depending on extent


Patients will be advised to wear sunblock on a daily basis, consume a healthy diet .

No Downtime

No to minimal downtime and and Visible results can be seen after 4 to 6 sessions.

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