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Excimer laser vitiligo is a treatment method for curing the skin disorder known as vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin disorder wherein pale, white patches develop on the skin mainly due the death of or a defect in melanocytes, the cells that are responsible for the pigmentation of skin.

Excimer Laser

Excimer laser treatment is considered to be one of the most advanced forms of treatment for skin discoloration, which makes use of laser light to reduce the effects of vitiligo. The discoloration of the skin can be problematic in many ways, and the foremost problem that vitiligo sufferers have is not physiological but psychological. This is because patients become socially withdrawn when vitiligo symptoms start spreading through the body, and it brings about an inferiority complex, especially when the white patches appear on the face.

Many people all over the world have been diagnosed with vitiligo. Climatic conditions are not actually causes of this condition; instead, it occurs due to certain body conditions and a lack of necessary pigmentation from melanin.

Excimer laser is not a common treatment method that can be prescribed for just any patient. There are certain conditions that have to be fulfilled for getting this kind of treatment, which is considered to be highly effective for vitiligo. Excimer laser vitiligo is a painless treatment procedure that has a great effect in reducing the symptoms of vitiligo with minimal side effects. The medical personnel performing the treatment have to be trained and experienced; however, as it is an advanced treatment procedure, which involves the use of advanced laser equipment. Laser treatments are said to be generally painless and safe



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