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Forehead Lines

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Forehead Lines 

Forehead wrinkles are also called worry lines or expression lines. When a person makes the same facial expression repeatedly, temporary lines are produced in the face. Stress causes a person to frown quite a bit, which causes temporary forehead lines. Temporary lines can eventually turn into permanent lines. As the human body ages, our skin loses its elasticity and our muscles become weaker. This can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Most wrinkles start out as fine lines, eventually turning into a wrinkle. A fine line can be hidden with light makeup. Wrinkles tend to be made worse with makeup, as the makeup sinks into the crevices of the face.



Experts are still trying to determine the cause of forehead wrinkles. Some feel strongly that stress and worrying cause forehead wrinkles, while others don’t agree. The fact of the matter is, we make many facial expressions that can temporarily cause the forehead to wrinkle, including confusion and surprise. Some people’s faces are more animated than others and in these instances the forehead is used much more.

There are many reasons why constant worrying can cause wrinkles. Worry causes stress. People who are stressed do not properly take care of themselves. They don’t eat properly, typically lack exercise and don’t generally maintain the sleep schedule they should. An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to premature aging.


There are several medical (topical medicines and creams) and many invasive techniques available for ameliorating wrinkles. They are all effective to the degree that

  • They change the nature of aging collagen
  • They stretch the skin
  • Fill in the depressions in the skin.
  • They paralyze muscles that cause the skin to crease. They include both medical and surgical methods.

Forehead Wrinkles

Prevention can start at any age, however, the sooner you start, the better. Avoid sun damage by wearing protective clothing, such as hats. Also be aware that certain hairdos protect the face by shading areas. Always wear sunscreen when you plan on being outside-choose at least SPF 15. For ladies, some foundation contains SPF 15.

  • Anyone considering any of the cosmetic procedures should be sure to consult doctors who have experience in one or several of these techniques. Patients should fully inform themselves about the risks and potential benefits of the procedure they are considering before going forward.

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