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Laser application in aesthetic industry is well accepted now with use in hair removaltattoo removal, body contouring. They are more preferred because of their non-invasive nature and thus being much more comfortable to the patient.

Addressing the pigmentation problems with lasers are also one of the concerns which can be dealt with. Uneven pigmentation is a part of the normal aging process and in a sunny country like ours, photoaging or dark spots by sunlight exposure or uneven skin tone is a common problem we face

Laser Toning

Laser toning is simply using of laser light to penetrate the dermal layers of skin and break the pigment that results in aging, dark spots even acne.

Laser toning is performed using non-ablative lasers thus depending on thermolysis and not causing any damage to the surface skin. This thermal injury causes triggering of collagen production in the dermis and rejuvenates the skin as a result.

Features Of Laser Toning

Safe and Simple

It is a simple procedure with no irritation retorted & no long-term side effects.


Laser toning will require multiple sittings and the number of sittings depends on  type of skin 

After Sessions

The patient should be advised to apply sunscreens without fail in routine.

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