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Pigmentation Removal

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Pigmentation Removal

A clear skin complexion is what all of us want to have. It is not easy to be flawless. Excess production of melanin in your body causes dark patches or spots on your skin. There are many other reasons for pigmentation on skin such as sun damage, hormonal imbalance and sometimes pigmentation can occur due to bad environmental factors. In some rare cases, pigmentation on the skin can be caused by a pigmentation disorder or as a side effect of a chronic disease

Most of us have been bothered with uneven skin tone, pigmentation, tanning and with brown spots over our face and sun-exposed body parts like neck and arms. Whether it is excess tanning after a beach holiday or your stubborn melasma, skin discoloration is an embarrassing issue. There can be several causes for your pigmentation, ranging from genetic, in the case of freckles, to aging or pregnancy. However, the treatment for pigmentation is available and can be taken up to get rid of any persistent problems. Pigmentation and tanning treatments involve laser treatments, peels and medication, and depend from person to person. 


Dr. Atul Jain provides a variety of Pigmentation Removal Treatment at Skinaa Clinic, Jaipur but not all treatments are recommended for everyone. So, a thorough examination of the condition is followed by a customized treatment for every individual patient.

  • Chemical Peels.
  • Mesotheraphy.
  • Laser Toning.
  • Clinical Facials
  • Medicated sunscreens
  • Prescription based creams/serums/lotions.

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