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Scarring Alopecia

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Scarring Alopecia

Scarring alopecia is not a single problem, rather a group of disorders that may destroy the hair follicle. There are no certain causes that can define various kinds of scarring alopecias. However, inflammation in the upper part of the hair follicle, where the stem cells and sebaceous gland (oil gland) are located, is the most probable cause.Not only that, scarring alopecia replaces it with a scar tissue, that might cause long term hair loss as well .Scarring alopecia is also known as cicatricial  alopecia.



  • Itching: Itching is experienced in the scalp often by the persons who are suffering from scarring alopecia.
  • Pain: Pain is also sometimes an associated sign of this problem.
  • Burning: Burning is the most common sign of scarring alopecia.

Scarring alopecia destroys follicle , leaves  scar tissue , causes  long term damage and  needs prompt treatment, unlike regular hairfall which is asymptomatic. There are different types of scarring alopecia- lichen Plano pilaus , discoid lupus, trichotillomania , folliculitis decalvans name a few. Diagnosis  would depend  on the clinical examination by an expert dermatologist . Few cases may require skin biopsy . 


      • Stopping  further scarring.
      • Restoring  lost hair.

      Treatment option include : corticosteroids in topical creams, anti malarial, retinoids, antibiotics, calcineurin inhibitor. Hair transplantation can be done in select cases to restore lost hair .  

      Anyone considering any of the cosmetic procedures should be sure to consult doctors who have experience in one or several of these techniques. Patients should fully inform themselves about the risks and potential benefits of the procedure they are considering before going forward.

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