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 Urticaria or hives is an allergic condition characterized by itchy, red, raised patches on skin. These patches disappear in a few hours but reappear at the same or a new area. Generally, Urticaria can be easily treated and doesn’t cause much trouble to the person but in some cases it can get severe and chronic if it takes more than 6 weeks. Urticaria can be a manifestation of many conditions and illnesses, rather than one illness. The effectiveness of treatment depends on the diagnostic expertise, experience and attention they extend towards you.

Most cell degranulation is the mechanism behind hives. If we put it in simple words, some white blood cells go berserk and cause the dismissal of histamine. And in response to, antigens (intruders, real or seeming) which may come into contact through touch, breathing or digestions, the Mast cells fire back to resist them. There can be various reasons that your body produces antigens including factors like thyroid or lupus, inflammation or cancer like chronic diseases.

There are little receptors for immunoglobulin e antibody (IgE) on the surface of the Mast Cells and these stick to any antigens that come into the contact with your body. When the mast cell gets loaded it starts firing its weapons and it encourages other mast cells as well as other inflammatory cells to fire also. As the mast cells fire, they release histamine. Blood vessels seep out fluid due to vasodilation (where the capillaries increase in diameter) into the surrounding tissues by histamine and other mast cell by-products. The production of Hives occurs as a result of the infusion of histamine.


Dr. Atul Jain provides a variety of Urticaria at Skinaa Clinic, Jaipur but not all treatments are recommended for everyone. So, a thorough examination of the condition is followed by a customized treatment for every individual patient.

  • Medicated sunscreens
  • Prescription based creams/serums/lotions.

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